Monday, October 6, 2014

                                                    YOUR WILDEST IMAGINATION

                                              Travelin'  With The Red
Neck Road Dogs
                                                                 Brenda Kippa

Suppose for a moment that you are lost in thought, dreaming up the
ultimate party that you could host. All of your favorite people would
be there, right?  Great food, good music.... everything that you
really love and want to share. If your dream party was an outdoor
event, perfect weather would be a must. Okay, check that..... no
problem there.... this is a dream, after all. It would cost a fortune
and it would require the help of lots of people to take care of all
the details.  Again, no problem.... it's a dream; all things are
possible in dreams.. Ah, yes.... you could really dream up a great
party.... and then you put it aside. We can't live in our dreams, can

We have a friend who dreamed up a party. It was a great idea; much
like the party I might dream up for myself. In his dream, all of his
favorite people would be there, and they would all bring their
children and their favorite famiy members. People who liked to play
guitar or some other instrument would bring it along, and all would-be
singers could show  off their best moves with karaoke. There would be
games of all kinds, for every age group, and a jump house for the
littler ones. Food would be brought by everyone, for a giant communal
buffet, and several large grills would be in constant service, turning
out all manner of delicious fare. Maybe even a pit or two for a whole
hog or two..... he spared nothing in his dream. And to top it all off,
he would bring in his favorite band, so that everyone could enjoy
their music in the same way that he and his family enjoyed it. Ah....
yes, it would be wonderful... what a great dream! Now, this is where
our friend sets himself apart from other dreamers. First of all, his
dream wouldn't go away; it was more of a vision after a while, rather
than a dream. He could see it all so clearly. And when he made his
decision to follow his dream, it seemed like the most natural thing in
the world to do. Why was this the case?  It's all quite simple,
really. All of his inspiration was witten in the songs of the
aforementioned favorite band.  And who was this band? It was the great
Uncle Lucius, of course.

Even though my husband and fellow road dog – Dennis by name; you all
know him better than you know me - and I have written about Uncle
Lucius since the very beginning of this column. There was much that we
didn't know about the band and it's members. Because the event was
attended by the parents and other family members of Kevin Galloway,
the band's lead vocalist, I was able to come away some new insights.

Returning to the story about our friend's vision (for those who want
to follow their own vision), the first thing he did was set up a
facebook page that could only be accessed by those he had assembled to
help him. We were priviledged to be among the 11 people he chose.
Charged with thinking of and carrying out everything that might be
necessary, we all used facebook and a few in-person meetings to get a
grasp of the task at hand. For our part, Dennis was the one who stayed
plugged in to the facebook page and the discussions that were going
on. On the larger picture, our host paid the band's fee, which was an
awesome gift to his friends who were invited. He also secured the site
for the event, which was a lovely 15-acre, beautifully manicured
homesite belonging to a longtime friend (can you imagine lending your
property for such an event? This was a testament to a great friendship
and a huge faith).Yours truly was happy to be able to come up with
what turned out to be a rather lengthy invitation. Dennis also
acquired the two-way radios that would be needed for security, and
together we took care of a long list of disposable products and the
purchase of a guitar that would be autographed and used for a raffle.
Others who were younger, stronger and somewhat more financially
capable, paid for hotel rooms for the band and other guests, t-shirts
to commemorate the event, rental of tents, chairs, tables,
porta-potties, a bounce house, etc. Those who had carpentry skills
built a large stage, and the electricians (of which our dreamer and
host was one) erected extra lighting and all things electrical,
including strand after strand of festive clear lights to provide the
soft lighting and happy transition once darkness fell. Still others
donated beautiful works of art and other items for the raffle. And
there you have it, a short version of how to turn a vision into

Stay tuned: next week, we'll tell you what happened.

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