Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wesley Pruitt Band Revue

                                                    Rockin' With The Wesley Pruitt Band                                              
                                                         Dennis and Brenda Kippa

It's not often you go to a grocery store to listen to a band, but that's what we did.  Maybe it sounds strange, but hear me out. There is a new store called "Fresh By Brookshire's", located on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler.  They advertise that you can buy nearly anything exotic in the food arena. That's quite impressive, and it might even be true, but what I want to mention is what's outside, on the East side of the building. It's a huge patio with tables, chairs and a bar, where a simple food and drink menu is offered.  In the late afternoon, this area is graced with shade from the setting sun, and if you're lucky, you might catch a nice breeze, too. A place does not get much better than that... until the band arrives!

The Wesley Pruitt Band is very local, with most of the trio coming out of the Canton area.  I can best describe their music as rockin' blues
with a lot of a soul, mixed with a dab of Americana, along with a bunch of Hendricks and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Wesley’s licks are a sight to see. I've never seen hands move so fast on a six string.

The band is made up of Wesley Pruitt, Jr. on lead vocals and lead guitar, with Joe Drew on bass and vocals and Chris Oliver on drums and vocals. Occasionally, one or two more musicians are added, as was the case on the night we saw them.

Onstage, Wesley is a mover and a shaker.  He pulls you into the music with his strong vocals and outstanding guitar playing. He is clearly determined to get the audience stomping, clapping and singing along with him. This band can cover most any tune -  from Hank Williams to the Rolling Stones - and they do it with their own great style.  Just when you realize that you are being completely wowed and entertained, the trio adds some of Wesley's own songs to the mix. "Cheatin' Woman Blues", "Thief In The Night", and "Poor Man's Blues" - these are some of Wesley's songs, any they all sit comfortably with the standards he's been playing all evening.

By going to their website on ReverbNation you can listen to many of Wesley Pruitt's songs, and they have some of their videos posted there also. To find where they're playing and other information, Facebook is the best resource. They are becoming regulars at Moore's Store in Ben Wheeler.
Moore's is probably our favorite venue; the food and ambiance is great, and the drive from Wood County is full of peaceful East Texas sights. If you start your drive before the sun sets, you can take it all in and by the time you get there, you have left any stress behind and you have plenty of time for a leisurely meal before the music begins.

There's no need to go to Dallas.  We've got it all right here in East Texas. Enjoy!

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